Aim High Academy

Welcome to Aim High Academy, a successful after-school education program that ensures its students build the skills to excel in school starting from grade 8. Aim High Academy has helped over 2000 students in getting accepted to University and continues to help them during their first few years in graduate studies.

At Aim High Academy, we help students develop strong academic skills which will help them succeed in both academia and their career after University graduation.




Learn Anything Online

At Aim High Academy, you will be able to view tutorials and lectures online in the classroom.


Talk to Our Experts

We have many excellent teachers you can ask for help from at anytime. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide a FREE orientation.


Proven Results

All students that have attended Aim High Academy have gone on to post-secondary education.  Most of these students went on to graduate from a university, while some decided to pursue a specific program in a college or institute.